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Making plants accessible to everyone, specifically in underserved communities providing education and tools to impact serenity, healing, wholeness and nurturing.

Our targeted communities are underserved people in the following categories: youth, those with learning differences, and the elderly.

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A Plant In Every Home is the non-profit outreach organization of La Lydia Garden Boutique LLC.

LLGB is a plant shop located in Houston, Texas that specializes in indoor small space gardening and plantscaping Interior and exterior spaces . We are dedicated to making indoor plants accessible to underserved communities, teaching the benefits and care of indoor plants and fostering a positive and healthy living environment.


As a means of providing purer and cleaner air for space stations NASA learned that there are many different houseplants that can help purify the air.

We are taking NASA's research to heart and incorporating their list of 10 air filtering house plants into our outreach program.
Click on the Earth above to find out more about NASA's clean air study.



​Hi, I am Angela Harris Cannizzo.

I believe in the power of nature. Nature inside is healing, comforting, inspiring and so much more! As a child I was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by nature. Watching my mom find joy in seeing her houseplant bloom was a beauty to behold. The happiness it brought her touched me as well. Something so simple as a blooming houseplant was a source of joy that brought a sense of peace into our little Jim Walter home.


It is with this powerful truth that I have made it my mission to put a plant in every home and  especially in homes of those who can least afford it.

Through A Plant In Every Home non-profit we will help create indoor gardens for those who need it the most. We understand that buying an indoor plant would not be the first or second choice for households living on a fixed income. This is where our non - profit comes in... to connect people with plants in underserved communities. We would greatly appreciate your support. Please click on link to donate or email us to volunteer your time or resources. .Be blessed and plantiful!


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