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Founder and Executive Director

​Hi, I am Angela Harris Cannizzo.

I believe in the power of nature. Nature inside is healing, comforting, inspiring and so much more! As a child I was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by nature. Watching my mom find joy in seeing her houseplant bloom was a beauty to behold. The happiness it brought her touched me as well. Something so simple as a blooming houseplant was a source of joy that brought a sense of peace into our little Jim Walter home.


It is with this powerful truth that I have made it my mission to put a plant in every home and  especially in homes of those who can least afford it.

Through A Plant In Every Home non-profit we will help create indoor gardens for those who need it the most. We understand that buying an indoor plant would not be the first or second choice for households living on a fixed income. This is where our non - profit comes in... to connect people with plants in underserved communities. We would greatly appreciate your support.
Be blessed and plantiful!

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Krystal Marie Robb believes in empowering people to create and  

invent their future. Through improved discipline, drive, focus, ambition  

and accountability we can all live a life of significance and affect positive change for generations to come.  

Krystal has a true desire to make a difference in peoples lives followed by a deep conviction for doing what’s right. She is an established entrepreneur across various industries. Her current and past roles have been a great contributor to her advanced knowledge and versatility of business leadership.

The admiration and respect that she has gained by previous colleagues and peers has lent to a natural progression of Houstonians wanting to work with Krystal in various capacities. You will find Krystal enriching people’s lives by way of financial guidance, business leadership, motivational speaking, hosting financial lecture series and leading executive study groups.  

Krystal subscribes to the motto in life of, “work hard, play hard.” Outside the professional environment, you will find her alongside her husband (Christopher Michael Robb) and son (Cotton Lee Robb) preparing for an outdoor adventure. They are actively engaged in sand volleyball, fishing, hiking, hunting, kayaking, boating, camping, swimming, etc. If there’s sun and adventure, you’re sure to find the trio there.  

Krystal holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Entrepreneurship from the University of Houston. She also received her Certified Financial Planner education from Rice University.


Vice President

Sherriann Williams is the Vice President of A Plant In Every Home.  Sherriann graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science in 1994 and graduated with a Master’s Degree in 1997 from Yonsei University, Graduate School of International Studies, South Korea.  Sherriann has worked for the federal government for the last 24 years in public service.  Sherriann has volunteered for various non-profit organizations over the years and is very excited about A Plant In Every Home.  Sherriann has lived in or visited five of seven continents, speaks some Spanish and Korean and is very passionate about politics, people and plants.

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Shannon Emerick is the Secretary for A Plant in Every Home. She has been Director of Marketing and Communications for Main Street Theater Houston for more than 18 years to date. She also serves as the part-time Communications Manager for The Women’s Home in Houston. Additionally, Shannon is a professional actor and graduated cum laude from Yale. She is passionate about APIEH’s mission and is a longtime supporter of all Angela Harris Cannizzo’s ventures, including La Lydia Garden Boutique.

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Chris King wears many hats.   She is known as a business consultant, who has over 30+ years’ experience in entrepreneurship, small business development, consulting, strategic planning, contract negotiations, and non-profit development. As a consultant/ bookkeeper, Chris manages to several company financial books, in addition to operating her soap manufacturing business. In addition to maintaining company financials and running her business, Chris is also an accounting professor at Lone Star Community College.

She received MBA from the University of Phoenix. Chris proposed and was awarded four airport concession contracts in the state of Texas. The results, of the above-mentioned awards, were owning and operating three restaurants and one national franchise (Popeye’s Chicken) from build out to start-up and opening. Prior to operating and owning airport food and bar concessions, Chris was the president of a prime concessionaire (1996 - 2006) that held the contract with the Houston Airport System.  She oversaw 32 food and beverage concessions in four airport terminals.  Chris is also certified in QuickBooks. She enjoys working with small business owners from startup to strategically growing their business to its fullest potential.

Finally, her passion and creativity keep her busy in her business Pampered Sisters Artisan Bath Products.  She has been open for business 15+ years.  Pampered Sisters is a home-based wholesale and online business located in Tomball, Texas. Chris desires to create a pampered moment of joy and love with a beautiful handcrafted soap and bath products while also offering soft, gentle fragrances that are wonderful for your skin. Chris believes every woman should take a moment for oneself.  Believe it or not, Chris says making soap and other bath products is relaxing and comforting.

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Director Volunteer Services and Events

East End Houston native; Plant lover; Lead Aerospace Systems Engineer for NASA's Lunar Gateway program; Mom of three little ones; Strong supporter of A Plant in Every Home. Supporting the quality of life on the International Space Station is a necessity for long-duration missions, including air quality. Working with Angela has allowed me to share the scientific research and benefits of indoor plants which serve to purify the indoor air composition by removing C02, concentrations of benzene, and trichloroethylene using, for example, simply a healthy golden pothos plant. As an alumna of Michael E. DeBakey High School for Health Professions, Ami is passionate about supporting medical care facilities, e.g. Ben Taub and St. Luke, which heal and strengthen our underserved community by introducing indoor plants as a healing companion.

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